Commissioner Bob Hogue selected for NCAA II Management Council, Membership Committee

Bob Hogue GRAPEVINE, Tex. - When the NCAA Convention ended on Jan. 19 and the delegates had started their emigration from Grapevine, Tex., to their respective campuses and conferences around the country, Pacific West Conference Commissioner Bob Hogue was required to remain behind for one more crucial meeting - the NCAA Division II Management Council.

Hogue recently was selected to the Division II Management Council and began his four-year term during the 2013 NCAA Convention in Texas. His term will run through January of 2017.

The NCAA Division II Management Council is comprised of one member from each of the active Division II conferences - as well as one member from Division II independent institutions and two at-large members - for a total of 26 participants. The council meets quarterly - once in the spring, summer and fall, and then at the annual NCAA Convention.

“It’s an honor to serve the PacWest within this elite group of decision-makers,” Hogue said of his selection to the council. “I want to thank Barb Hannum for her service on the Management Council since 2008. She served us extremely well.”

Hannum, the faculty athletic representative from Hawai‘i Pacific University, was a member of the Management Council for the last four-and-a-half years.

As part of his duties on the Management Council, Hogue has been assigned to the NCAA Division II Membership Committee and will begin that term with his first national meetings Feb. 11-13 in Indianapolis.

“The Membership Committee is near and dear to my heart, especially having seen so many of our newer members going through the process,” Hogue said. “I look forward to helping with legislation, assessment and review of our Division II membership process. It is an extremely important committee.”

Hogue has served as the commissioner of the PacWest since July 2007 and has overseen the development of the conference from a seven-team league to its standing now as the largest Division II Conference in the NCAA II West Region.

Hogue will play a key role in the decision-making process and administration of Division II. The Management Council’s duties and responsibilities include:

  • Implementing policies adopted by the association’s Executive Committee and the Presidents Council
  • Making recommendations to the Presidents Council on matters it deems appropriate
  • Recommending the adoption of non-controversial and intent-based amendments, administrative bylaws and regulations to govern Division II, subject to ratification by the Presidents Council
  • Taking final action on matters delegated to it by the Presidents Council
  • Making interpretations of the bylaws of Division II
  • Reviewing and acting on the recommendations of the Division II committee structure and the recommendations of Division II representatives to committees with association-wide functions
  • Appointing the members of the Division II committee structure and appointing the Division II representatives to committees with association-wide functions
  • Electing a chair and a vice chair
  • Organizing and participating in an annual “summit” with the Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Hearing and acting on appeals by member institutions of decisions made by a Division II committee or the NCAA staff regarding the application of NCAA legislation (excluding actions of any committee that has final authority over issues subject to appeal)
  • Recommending the appointment of such committees or subcommittees as may be necessary for executing the provisions of this constitution or the Division II bylaws, subject to ratification by the Presidents Council.

As a Management Council representative, Hogue was assigned to serve as one of the two Management Council liaisons to the Division II Membership Committee. This committee consists of 11 members, including the two members of the Division II Management Council.

The duties of this committee include:

  • Reviewing and considering issues pertaining to the Division II membership requirements and membership compliance pursuant to Constitution 3 and Bylaw 20
  • Handling Convention tasks related to Division II business, which include examining the credentials of Division II delegates, determining (subject to appeal of the Division II membership) the authority of any Division II delegate to vote or otherwise represent a member institution at an annual or special Convention, and counting the votes at an annual or special Convention
  • Having the authority to review and examine a member institution’s completed Institutional Self-Study Guide report and supporting documentation
  • Having the authority to conduct an audit of the information contained in a member institution’s minimum financial aid report and minimum sport-sponsorship report
  • Having the authority to conduct an audit of an institution’s fulfillment of membership requirements if the institution is placed on probation for failure to fulfill more than one membership requirement during a 10-year period
  • Reviewing issues regarding membership requirements (e.g., sports sponsorship, financial aid) that are discovered during the enforcement process and impose, when necessary, penalties for non-compliance.